Meteor Monthly Wrap-Up

Meteor Monthly Wrap-Up #8: September 2021

Episode Summary

In this eighth episode of the Meteor Monthly Wrap-Up, Filipe and Elysse review the most recent 2.4 release details, information on upcoming Monthly Spotlight episodes, Meteor Impact 2021, as well as the Meteor Hackathon this October.

Episode Notes

In this episode, we cover everything from releases to Meteor Meetups, the new 2.4 release, The Meteor Spotlight Podcast, Meteor Impact 2021. 

There was a lot to cover on the open-source side, which included: 

Meteor 2.4 Highlights:

Meteor Spotlight Podcast: 

In our latest episode of the Meteor Spotlight Podcast, we featured our friend Eric Omeig from Boom Learning. Eric Oemig is a former Washington State Senator and the technical co-founder of Boom Learning. His company’s flagship product, Boom Cards, is used by millions of students around the world. Boom Cards are built on Meteor and have been hosting on Galaxy since 2014.

To learn more about Boom Learning and Boom Cards,  what they do, and how they're scaling with Meteor, tune in to the episode! We cover everything from their tech stack, growth during the pandemic, to their journey with Galaxy. 

We also have another episode coming up in a few weeks - stay tuned for more details on that! 

Meteor Impact: 

Meteor Impact will be happening on October 21st and 22nd - if you're interested in being a speaker, please reach out to for more information! 

This year's conference will also include a five-day Hackathon filled with prizes and networking opportunities! The Meteor Hackathon will be held from October 15th to October 22nd (a 7-day event), focusing on building knowledge and understanding in Meteor.js, Meteor Cloud, and javascript. Click here to register for the Hackathon. 

You and your team can build a product with a clear revenue stream, a non-profit, open-source, or anything in between, BUT it should be usable and deployed on Galaxy at the end.

Make your teams and register today as we have limited spots - Click here to register

Thanks for listening! 

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